Days and Hours Of Operation

Adorable Home Child Care & Pre-School Program is open year-round, Monday - Sunday, 24 hours a day. I am open weekends and evenings, and the hours vary according to the parent’s needs, however they must be reserved in advance Overtime is considered as drop-off before the hours noted in the contract and pick-up after the hours noted in the contract. I am closed on all federal holidays (this is my family time), hurricanes and other natural disasters, and terrorism threats (exceptions will be made for alpha personnel).
I also provide  drop-in, full-time, part-time, before and after school, temporary, and emergency care. Please view my closed-days policy

During the year I will take two weeks off for vacation. Plans for a back-up provider will be given out to the parents and at least two months notice will also be given. You will not be charged during my vacations or sick days.

Payment Procedures & What Is Included
I will try to work with you according to your needs. My fee is very flexible, and depends on how many hours and days you will need child care, what type of care you need, and of course, the age of the child. The fee includes cribs, cots, blankets, the materials used in our pre-school program and all of the meals and snacks, including baby formula, food, and cereal. There is an annual registration fee,  $65.00    Payments are required to be made on the Friday prior to the next two weeks of care. A fee of $10 per day will be charged for payments not received on the Friday prior to the week of care. You will receive a receipt for every payment that you make and a W-10 tax deductible for your income tax. A discount will be given to  families with more than one children enrolled in my child care.

6 weeks' notice must be given by the parent before you are relocated. Parents are reponsible for the last four weeks' payment regardless wheter your child(dren) is attending or not. If a child is withdrawn with no written notice, the parents will be assessed two  weeks' payment beyond the withdrawal date.

Sheets
Parents are required to sign in their child every morning and sign out their child every afternoon. This includes writing the correct date and time of drop-off and pick-up. This is required for full-time, part-time, drop-in, and temporary care. Each child has their own individual sign-in sheet.
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