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Child Care And Preschool Program

     Responsive. Individualized. Loving. Those three words capture the heart of my program. I provide an environment that is tailored to your child; a primary care-giving system developed with parents to create a warm, consistent place for your child. Interactions are full of language and touch, responding to each child differently. 
     My environment meet the standard for infant room, and home-like to create a great beginning for your child. We include cereal, jar food, formulas, and bedding.and a great variety of toys  This allows you to focus on just your infant! 

     Life is full of discovery. And learning is fun. In my Preschool and Pre-Kindergarden programs, I make sure that the heart of our curriculum is full of discovery and fun. My curriculum is base on the Early Start Program, supporting an environmentally based program that provides individualized, child-directed learning in all areas of development.

     Adorable  Home Childcare and Preschool Program is a place that builds community for children while supporting their need for guidance, play, learning, and friendship. my program creates a fun and safe place to be while not in school. my environment offers quiet places for homework and reading, creative places for building and arts, open places for movement and games, and messy places for experiments and creations. I provide supportive supervision while nurturing a child’s need for independence.

     I have training to work with children with disabilities, and I will work at the child’s own level. The spaces for children with disabilities are limited.

     I will discuss with the parents any developmental characteristics. Not all children follow these patterns of development because of the wide variety of conditions (physical, emotional, and behavioral). Some children may require special programs to meet their needs. If I care for a special child with special needs, I will help parents and the other children in the home to learn all they can about the condition from the child’s parents, pediatricians, nutritionists, trainings, and libraries.

     I will arrange my program to meet the child’s needs. I offer toys to meet
the child’s needs/skills. Also I will arrange my home to be more accessible. I use books and materials to help other children understand and accept the child. I also encourage the special child to work to the level of his/her own abilities. I teach the child to accept diversity.
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