Home & Environment

My program will provide clean and well-supervised play areas. The toy and play area, all blankets, diapering area, pillow and nap area are disinfected daily. Toys are sanitized weekly with bleach water in my sink or dishwasher. All bedding is washed weekly or as needed. We have outlet protectors in outlets not being used. All harmful chemicals, medications, or dangerous items are kept behind locked doors or top shelves. There are NO SMOKERS OR DRINKERS in this household. All dishes and utensils will either be disposable or sanitized after each use. All washing will be done with either a fresh clean washcloth or disposable wipes.

I view  television as a tool to help children unwind and relax. We don’t watch it everyday, the exception being rainy days, or days when children are not feeling well. Only non-violent, age appropriate, programs will be viewed. Typical programs are Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, and Bob The Builder. I do allow videos brought from home, however they are subject to my approval. As a professional child care provider, my commitment is to provide quality childcare which is why I must examine what they are watching, including videos, television, and  computer.

Diapering Procedures
The diapering surface is waterproof and free of cracks. Gloves are used whenever diapers are changed. After use, the changing mat is disinfected with a bleach and water solution. My hands and those of the child are washed thoroughly. Diapers are changed as needed and are checked often. Creams, ointments, and powders are not routinely used. On the occasion that these products are needed, it will be discussed with parents before applying and a doctor's note will be required. I very seldom have a problem with diaper rash. Most cases occur because the child has been on certain medications or teething.

Clothing & Supplies
When your child is first admitted to Adorable Home Child Care and Pre-School Program, you need to bring:

Three sets of extra clothing (including socks).
*  Toothbrush
* Bookbag (including two composition notebooks, 2 pencils, one pocket folder,      and 2 boxes of tissues)
A hair brush (for the child’s exclusive use).
Outdoor shoes, a sweater, and hat for outdoor play.
A jumbo box of diapers/pull-ups, and a jumbo box of baby wipes.

Each child has their own cubby where their personal items are kept. Please label your child’s possessions.

Dressing Skills
All children are encouraged to attempt to dress themselves, my assistance given only when required. This not only aids in development of these skills, but also in reinforcing positive self esteem in young children.

Bathroom Routines
Toilet and teeth routines are carried out in a supportive and well supervised setting, with an emphasis on development of independent skills and promoting good hygiene habits. I meet with parents at the appropriate time, to work cooperatively towards achieving skills in toilet training in young children. I maintain to strict hygiene standards. Children’s hands are washed before and after every meal, after toileting, playing outside, playing with messy stuff objects, and touching the dog. 

Sleep Times
Infant’s and younger children’s sleep requirements are approached with flexibility, and catered to on an individual basis. Older children are encouraged to rest after lunch or engage in quiet passive play (books, quiet tapes), enabling each child to wind down and regenerate before their afternoon activity session.
Individual needs and age appropriate expectations are considered,
and children who do not need or desire a sleep can get up following a short rest move to areas where quiet activities are provided.
This rest period is gradually phased out and replaced by quiet relaxing play for older children, in preparation for school expectations. 

I pay particular attention to the foods served in my home, because the health and well-being of your child are very important to me. I prepare meals that are appetizing and nutritionally balanced for the growth and development needs of young children. Eating is an enjoyable experience that enables children to grow and thrive. I do not require children to eat everything on their plates, but I do encourage children to try new foods. The servings an the food is appropriate for the children’s ages.

Snacks, including fresh fruit and vegetables are available to the children all day. Please do not send snacks with your child, as I try to create an equal and fair environment for all the children. Very young children do not understand why they cannot have the same type of treat as their friends. An exception is birthdays, when parents may send a cake or cupcakes for all the children to celebrate with. I serve a variety of nutritious juices, and avoid the high-sugar and food-colored drinks such as Kool-Aid.

Starches: cold cereals (no sugars added), hot oatmeal cereal, pancake, French toast, waffles, noodles, cooked macaroni, spaghetti, rice, fresh bread, toast, muffins
Proteins: chicken, beef, turkey, canned tuna, salmon, Scrambled eggs, cooked dry beans (legumes)
Juices: 100% orange, apple, cranberry, grape
Fruit: apples, bananas, cantaloupes, mango, pears, plums, peaches, pineapple, grape kiwi orange watermelon etc.
Vegetables: carrots, celery, plantain, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, peas, corn, lettuce, potatoes, spinach, avocado, corn
Starches: fresh bread, toast crackers
Note: This is a general guideline only. The baby’s menu will be adjusted to the baby’s personal development and the parents preference

4-6 months Baby cereal that is fortified rice, oatmeal, Barley

7 months Vegetables (cooked and pureed) fruit (pureed), 6 ounces apple juice pear juice grape juice

8 months New foods are introduced one per week, to detect any possible allergic reactions.

10 months Mixed grain baby cereal, rice noodles (mashed) mild cheese unsalted crackers toast small pieces of cooked vegetables fruit cooked chicken

12 months Wean from bottle cooked family dinner cut into small pieces  start whole milk cooked egg.

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