12 Things Parents Should Expect From Me, 
as your Childhood Educator 
By Lucila A. Figuereo

1. Open Communication: I will give you frequent and full updates on your child's progress and problems, and welcome your questions and as you questions about how I can help your child. I will let you know what is happening with your child during the day, and you can develop ways to deal with problems and to build on activities and accomplishments of the day. 

2. Open door policy: Parents are welcome to drop in any time, even without calling. I allow parents to make a reasonable number of phone calls to check on their children's well-being, in case of illness or if there's a special problem such as separation anxiety. You and I should work out the best times for such phone calls and determine how many calls are reasonable. 

3. Safety for your child: I take all possible precautions to keep children safe. This includes plugging light sockets, putting away knives and other sharp objects, closing off stairways and using only safe and well-maintained equipment, among other basic safety measures. It will include always using child-safety seats and seat belts when transporting children in cars.( Just in case of emergency situation  I will provide transportation) 

4. Honesty and confidence: I won’t make commitments that I can't or don't intend to keep. I won’t cover up problems or accidents that occur. I do not expect parents to help me avoid income taxes by slipping me money on the side. I also shouldn't gossip about your child or your family to friends or other child care provider or parents. 

5. Acceptance of parents' wishes: I will abide by parents' wishes on matters such as discipline, TV watching, food, adult smoking and toilet training. I won’t spank the child as a method of discipline. If I feel that I can't abide by parents' wishes, I will tell parents before agreeing to care for the children and parents should look for other care. 

6. Advance notice of any changes: Since it is often very difficult to find adequate care, I will tell parents well in advance if I am going to change my hours or prices or if I are going to stop or limit the time of caring for a child. Parents need at least four weeks, or the agreed upon notice in our contract if I am no longer going to care for your child. Except in the case of an emergency, parents should be given at least two weeks
notice even if I won't be available for just one day, a back up plan will be provided to the parents.

7. No interference in the child's family or family problems: I won’t talk to children about their families' problems, lifestyle or values. Likewise, I will be careful not to take sides in any family disputes such as custody battles. I will not impose my religion or other beliefs on the children I care for. 

8. No advice offered unless asked for and no judging of parenting practices: I will not criticize or advise parents on child rearing unless my advice is asked for by the parents. I won’t set myself up as an expert on parenting. If parents ask for advice, I will offer it in a non-critical way. Of course, if I see something that is seriously wrong with
how parents are raising their children, such as if I fear child abuse or see a child apparently suffering from malnutrition, I will discuss the problem with the parents and, if needed, contact legal authorities. 

9. Assurance that everyone in contact with the child is trustworthy and properly trained and supervised: I am responsible for everyone who enters, visits and works at my home child care. This includes not admitting strangers to the home and that all visitors, including friends or relatives of mine, are trustworthy and supervised and will not harm the child. 

10. No surprises: This means that your I won't suddenly tell you that since I have taken a part-time job, my teenage daughter will watch your child three afternoons a week. Surprises are probably what parents fear the most from their child-care providers.

11. Payment arrangements: I will discuss during the interview how you must make payments (ex: payment will be in advance on the of each week in the following manner: cash or money order). I will issue a receipt for every payment. 

12. Credentials: I must be able to prove to the parent that what I said over the phone, web page and in my advertisement is true. For example, I should have my child care certificate posted, and my inspection summary, CPR/First Aid, police backgrounds, etc. handy. Parents have the rights to see those papers and any other family member's papers.
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