Adorable Home Childcare and Pre-School Program is a licensed private program that operates under the rules and regulations of Social Services. Social Services requires the active involvement and participation of each of its members. I want you to feel confident that I will provide the best quality childcare. My home childcare and pre-school program is just the type of atmosphere that your child can thrive in.

My Mission Statement

As a professional childcare provider, my responsibility is to provide quality childcare by updating  and complying with my requirements. Setting these high standards of excellence ensures that your child receives the best quality care possible. By creating an environment that is sensitive to each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. This includes helping  children with lessons that will continue throughout their lives such as self-esteem, cooperation, problem-solving and respect for others. I will strive each day to provide peace of mind to parents who have entrusted the care of their children to me. I also think young children feel secure in our home day care because of the smaller number of child companions in smaller groups. Our children can learn more easily to overcome shyness and establish friendships. 

Objectives & Goals

One of my goals and objectives are to help and encourage baby-sitters to become professional childcare providers so that they can better meet the needs of children, and to public understanding and support, educate and create parent involvement in quality childcare program and continue helping them with their childcare needs.


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