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Hello, my name is Lucila Figuereo (Lucy), and I am an  Early Childhood Educator and Licensed Home Child Care Provider in Virginia Beach, Va. I am licensed through the Department of Social Services. I’ve been married for over 25 years to my  husband Benny and have 4 wonderful children (3 girls and 1 boy) I started working with children over 25 years ago. I have always been around children. Since I was a little girl I liked to baby-sit the neighborhood children. Being the baby of 13 brothers and sisters, I had the desire to have someone younger than me to take care of so being  an  Early Childhood Educator is something natural to me.

Since I've started my program, I've been very active in the field and I keep up with my training's. I have been to trainings on CPR/First Aid, Movement, Mind, & Nutrition (M, M & N), Child Abuse, Safety, Meals, Arts and Crafts, Health, Social, Creative, USDA Record, Working with Special Needs Kids, Finger Play Stories, Montessori Techniques, Immunization Updates, Physical, Magic Of Music, Incorporating Science Into Your Programs, Understanding & Alleviating Stress In Child Care Professionals, Developing Successful Behavior Management, Exploring Brain Development, Learning Environment, Communication, Early Language Development, Taxes, Car Seat Safety, Fire Safety, Mentoring, Home Preschool Program, Emergency Preparedness and more.

I am a former president of the Military Childcare Provider Association. I
am a member of the Virginia Alliance of Family Child Care Associations, National PTA, Southern Early Childhood Education Association (SECA), National Associations for Family Child Care NAFCC, Southeastern  Association for the Education of young Children, Member of Redleaf National Institute, National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC, Professional Family Child- Care and Early Education Association PFCEEA, the Southern Virginia Family Childcare Association, the Child Abuse Network, I'm the director of Affordable Licensed Home Child Care Network. I have been a speaker for the Planning Council and the Southern Virginia Family Childcare Association.  I have over 25 years experience of working with  parents, providers, and children, and I am a mentor to child care providers (I help new providers through the licensing process and get them started with activities for children in their care and other issues relating to Early Childhood Education), 20 of those years with a license.

In the years that I have been Early Childhood Educator, I have exceeded the minimum standards and I can hold my license for three years. In 2001 I was chosen by UAW- Ford and the Planning Council to be part of  UAW-Ford’s FSLC Community Child Care Network. My home childcare program was chosen as a model for research by the Planning Council and UAW-Ford. Also, I have earned many awards including “The Most Physically Fit” for doing activities such as dancing and exercise with the children, “Showing Most Improvement”, “The Largest Number Of Children Claimed On USDA”, “The Longest Time With No Discrepancies On A Home Visit”, and many more. In August 2002 I was invited to a local spanish radio station, 670am Radio Vida, to answer questions about child care on the show "Encuentros" which was a huge success. October 2005 I was awarded by Optimium USA for 25 years of continual service.

In November 2005 I was contacted by Tom Copeland (Director of Redleaf Institute) assistance in writing his new book, My opinions are featured in his book Family Child Care Contracts and Policies. 
 June 07- 2006  I receiveid the book  from Tom he gave me credit for my contribution to the book in the Acknowledgments section.

Since 15 November 2007-  I was  personally  selected by The Planning Council to  start and participate in the United Way's Raising a Reader Program (This is a national reading program).

May 2014  I become certified in Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver.

I help parents and providers by answering any questions they may have
concerning Early Childhood. I also help baby-sitters to become licensed child care
providers and I help providers find back-up for themselves.  As a mentor I 
share my experience and knowledge with  providers to help them with in all
aspects of the child care profession. I have created a website with the purpose of improving and promoting quality child care and better communication between parents and providers. This web site also provides resources for parents and providers and listings of training for childcare providers. 

My hobbies are playing the piano and the music maker, cooking, reading, dancing, and going on the computer to work on my website and do research regarding to child care issues. I have people skills and special skills in dancing. I dance with the children, and also do arts and crafts. I am fluent in English, Spanish and sign language.

As a Early Childhood Educator and Family Child Care Provider, my goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for each child that will stimulate the physical, intellectual, multicultural, social, and emotional growth at their own pace. I offer loving care that focuses on each child as a unique and wonderful individual and in doing so, building self-esteem and respect for others.
My Biography
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