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Pre-School Program will be closed on the following dates: (if it falls in  Saturday I will be closed the day before Friday and if falls in Sunday I will be closed the next day,Monday)

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

President’s Day

July 4th

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veteran’s Day

Thanksgiving Day and the Day after

Early Closing......Christmas Eve (half day-12pm)

Christmas Day

Early Closing......New Year’s Eve (half day-12pm)

In addition to these days, Adorable Home Child Care and Pre-School Program will also be closed on snow days, hurricane conditions, terrorism threats and other disasters or days that for any reason the schools, banks, and government buildings are closed. It is the parent’s responsibility to find a substitute provider. I also understand that these days will be paid and therefore no refund will be made. Remember that your provider is also employed and also has a family. Spending quality time with your child should be your primary concern, and not just on the days that your child care is closed..I will also receive 5 additional personal days (paid per calendar year)for sick,emergency or personal reasons.

I fully understand that the responsibilities outlined in this Closed Days Policy and have received a copy of the agreement.

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